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Help Transform the Homebuilding Industry Across the United States

Become a Home Plan Contributor

Builders FirstSource, the leading supplier of residential building materials in the United States, invites you to join us in revolutionizing the homebuilding process. As the residential building industry continues to evolve, we are dedicated to finding efficiencies that help homebuilders succeed. While we develop many of our plans internally and through collaborations with architects and home designers nationwide, we value the input of others who share our passion for providing homebuilders with exceptional and versatile designs.

We recognize the significance of maximizing the visibility of your designs and reaching a wide audience. By becoming part of our Home Plan Library, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Nationwide exposure for your plans
Your designs will gain widespread visibility among homebuilders throughout the country on our exclusive platform for Builders FirstSource homebuilder partners.

2. Quarterly revenue through electronic fund transfers
We believe in rewarding your hard work and creativity, ensuring you receive regular financial compensation.

3. No modification work
We want you to focus on creating outstanding, original designs that are versatile and in high demand. As part of our licensing agreement to feature your plans in the Home Plan Library, our in-house team of Drafters is committed to fine-tuning any plan details to ensure homebuilder satisfaction.

4. No-cost, enhanced plan marketing
Your plan sets will receive enhanced marketing with custom plan renderings created by our BFS Digital Tools Render team.

5. Exclusive plan differentiation with Home Configure
Through Home Configure, each contributed plan will have a unique feature that allows builders and homebuyers to customize the exterior design in real-time using an online configuration tool.

6. Exceptional business relationship with our professional staff
We take pride in fostering strong and supportive partnerships. Our staff is dedicated to building a long-lasting and positive relationship with you.

Join us at Builders FirstSource and contribute to transforming the homebuilding industry. Together, we can create a future where innovative and high-quality designs shape the homes of tomorrow.

Please be aware that submitting your interest to contribute designs to the Home Plan Library does not create any binding obligation for Builders FirstSource and its affiliated companies to enter into an agreement.


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