ALTA 1980-18




Yes. Utilizing Paradigm Drafting, Home Plans from the Home Plan Library can be modified or customized based on your needs or your homebuyers’ needs.

Additional fees may apply for customization services. Custom drafting work from Paradigm Drafting would be covered in a separate statement of work from the Home Plan Library license terms and conditions.

Yes, our Paradigm Drafting team can reverse a plan for you including all plan notes and annotations during the plan solve process.

The Home Plan Library is continuously growing, both in new master plan sets and plan options.

If the foundation you need is not currently available for a specific master plan set, we can work with you to create a new foundation option at little or no cost to you.


Home Plans from the Home Plan Library are designed to commonly accepted residential code standards. However, it is common for state, county, and local governments to have additional requirements that must be met to construct a residential building in your area.

We recommend all Home Plans from the Home Plan Library be reviewed for completeness and compliance with any governing regulations for the intended build site.

Each Home Plan master set has been developed and reviewed by a team of in-house architects or in collaboration with licensed third-party architects.

Licensed plan sets do not come with a stamped architectural seal unless requested by the customer and reflected in a signed statement of work agreed to separate of any purchases made on this site.

Additional charges may apply for customer-specific stamped architectural documents. Limitations for stamped architectural documents may exist depending on local and state regulations.

Similar to architectural documentation, each Home Plan master set has been reviewed by a Paradigm engineer or a third-party engineering firm on behalf of Paradigm. While this information contributes to the overall quality and completeness of the plan set, it does not assure that the licensed plan documentation has been engineered for every site-specific use.

Each Home Plan customer requiring site-specific engineering may request more information on this service from Paradigm or may source engineering services from their preferred provider.


Home Plans from the Home Plan Library are licensed to customers. All customers who license plans for the Home Plan Library are purchasing access to the copyrighted intellectual property of Paradigm and Builders FirstSource. Licensing a plan from the Home Plan Library does not constitute a transfer of plan ownership.

Plans licensed through the Home Plan Library include one solved master plan set. Home Plan Unlimited license holders also receive the master plan set in which to permit from with no additional cost while in an active plan license.

Additional solved plan sets may be requested, the cost for this service is dependent on the license type. For more information on plan licenses and what is included, visit the Plans and Pricing page.


No. Home Plans from the Home Plan Library however are a combination of products and services provided by bothBuilders FirstSourceandParadigm(a building technology company owned by Builders FirstSource). For the plan user to receive the full benefit of the product, it is recommended for you or your builder to be a customer of Builders FirstSource.

Yes individuals can purchase plans. It is however recommended that due to the technical nature of plans from the Home Plan Library and the integration with Builders FirstSource products and services, you work with a qualified builder to fully utilize the benefits of the plan integration with Builders First Source.

The Home Plan Library is continuously growing to include master plan sets developed by Paradigm and Builders FirstSource. If you have specific requests for a new Home Plan master set, please contact us at

The Home Plan Library is constantly expanding with new master plan sets. We strategically work with third-party architects, designers, and developers of home plan sets, as well as internally developed plans by Builders FirstSource and Paradigm.

If you are interested in publishing your plans in the Home Plan Library, please CLICK HERE for additional information.